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COLD. DEAD. FISH. EYES. by StellaKitsuna

Here's the jist of it. The drawing is simple, as many good fan-concepts tend to be, but it works in favor of the content I think. It's ...

Hatsune Miku Lineart! by littletea10

To start this up, I'd like to say that this is a really accurate picture of it's namesake (Miku Hatsune), so good job on that one. Gett...


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Tristan French
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
The jolly precursor to an animator in the flesh!

You can suggest things for us to draw in the message box in this column, or by sending us a PM(Note). We enjoy helping people out, so if you need to talk to someone, I'm good for it.

Aside from that, and my cast of OC's, this page is basically just like any other page you visit. Enjoy your stay!

:iconreversetoewigglesplz: :icondesueyeplz: :icondesumouthplz: :icondesueyeplz: :iconreversetoewigglesplz: Hotcha!

We do not regularly have freed time with which to upload drawings, or communicate. We're not ignoring you, we just have to feed, shelter and fund myself, and with my stuff Breaking like Benjamin that can get a tad rough.



Sleipnir recolors (?) by SlippyMagnus
Sleipnir recolors (?)
Playing around with my first OC's color scheme.

I'm unsure of what I'll stick with but these are just a few initial ideas. I'll definitely try some more once I fix my mouse, because not even that will work for any real amount of time once I start getting comfy with it.

Sleipnir "Slippy" Magnus is a Merrow from the Selenian Sea, and has little regard for all the terrestrial life between him and the other half of his weapon, Nanjoshi. He's just yet to FIND it.
Okay, we've been doing a lot of stuff in our real life lately, and Art's kinda fallen wayside ^^;

We'll be back to our usual fair soon enough, and armed with a whole arsenal of new Fandoms to gleefully doodle into this account. New Fan-content in the to-be-done-eventually list  are as follows:

Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, Star Butterfly Vs Evil, and (a show I figured we'd have hated) Teen Titans GO!

On top of our older Fandoms and OC's from way past.
COLD. DEAD. FISH. EYES. by StellaKitsuna
Here's the jist of it. The drawing is simple, as many good fan-concepts tend to be, but it works in favor of the content I think. It's a simple gag (Okay, let's be real I laughed pretty hard at "cold dead fish eyes") but the quick lines and crayon-stylus really work in favor of the picture as it is. While it could be said that the joke would function better if everything was drawn realistic, and then the focus here being on the really cartoony eyes and whatnot, I feel that probably would have been a lot of work for what is, all things considered, a fine piece.

Coming straight out of what feels like Tumblr-iffic fan content, I'd say that the picture needs to have its description read for the full effect, but even without, it's still pretty good.

Simple is very conducive to success when working with digital media, and I think you pulled it off pretty well here. Enjoy!
Convince me that Halo 4 is not a bad game. Know that you face firm resistance.

Bonus points for convincing me that Halo 5 will not be a bad game
For those of you wondering which of my OC's are up for requested stuff starring them, the 5 listed below are my regulars. As you might have seen in our Gallery we also enjoy making Fanart from time to time.

-Sleipnir "Slippy" Magnus, the Merrow

-Scalpel Theranoph, the Tulpa

-Kiwise, the Cryptid

-Sir Inkblot, the Emblazon

-Chromaa, the Spectrominae

If you feel that you're unfamiliar with one, or if you're a fan of one or another you can suggest a drawing or short-story type thing with them. A'course, if you have a suggestion for a bigger project or something that you'd like to see, we're all ears!

-Sleipnir out!
A Quick Reminder
We'll be moving shortly, (the next 2 or 3 months?) but once that's done we can start on learning how to animate/draw for you guys a lot more!

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SlippyMagnus has started a donation pool!
80 / 125
I draw suggestions for free, but these points are not for me, I'm donating everything in here to people who deserve/need these little marbles, since they're not gonna effect us too very much

Current available total for donation: 10 Marbles

As a final note to those who donate, :iconawwwplz: "It is appreciated!"

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Thank you thank you thank youuuu! <3 <3 I'll try to do my best to keep it up!!! *o* 
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You do that :D
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I appreciate it. Want a +watch?
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I rarely post anything on account of our lack of monetary influence (and faulty luck with all of my technology) but if you'd like to keep in touch, a +Watch is a good way to do that.

Our time here is severely limited, but whenever we DO get back on here, we'll be sure to hit you up. I've not got the popularity to excuse myself for not answering/responding to ALL questions and whatever may float my way ^^;
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Thank you so much for the points <3333 That was very sweet of you :huggle:


SlippyMagnus Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wish there was more to give. You're very talented, and if you keep working from the table-scraps of points I gave you, go for it :D

It's kind'a all we could afford to give >~<
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